How do writers’ write? Where do writers get their ideas from? - In a way, we all are hunting for new perspectives and ideas.


I’M Dr. SHYNO BABY PAUL (SB Paul, in short) (Lecturer, Researcher and Blogger & Podcaster)…


And I am here to help my readers understand the journey of writers – their struggles and their experiences.


Each writer has a story! I am not reviewing their works but my interest is to skim the story behind the story.  For me, each writer is a character that conveys a great message from their experiences.


All the writers featured on my page have been read through different lenses. For me each one of them is different. They have a unique story to tell about themselves, which can be our story as well.


CAFE & BLOG is a one-stop platform – where we collate sources from social media, printed media and visual media – to incorporate and understand the journey of a writer in detail. Cafe and Blog (C&B) is a crucible of ideas– in-short it offers myriad perspectives from the world of writers.


I would love to be in touch with you. Please drop a message  to my email id –

shynoscafeandblog@gmail.com / hashtagwomenpodcast@gmail.com

so that I can understand you better.