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Gender diversity are buzz words these days– And paradoxically, this is a problem in the fields of science, technology, arts, humanities or medicine. A Hashtag #genderdiversity on social media is used for everything from issues like salary disparity, lack of women in a position of power, navigating career and motherhood to sexual harassment – These are definitely important issues to address. But the need for more women in science, humanities goes beyond issues of just equality and morals. Hi, I am Shyno B Paul, and the host of #Hashtag Women, a podcast that will bring to you in every episode fresh takes from the world of research that focuses on women issues and research conducted by women with aim of more “gendered innovations”. We feel our world will be better off with more women in labs, clinics, software development, clinical trials, studios, boards and conference rooms.




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Episode 1: Women entrepreneurs in India: What is holding them back?

Episode Description


Three weeks back, Fortune magazine celebrated adding a 39th woman CEO Jane Fraser , to the ranks of the Fortune 500. Jane also became the first woman in US history to lead a major US bank 39 out of 500; That’s Just 7.8 percent. Isn’t something wrong with that picture! Women constitute 50 percent of the world’s population? Those 39 women CEOs --- are among a handful of fortunate who made it to the top. According to the World Economic Forum, it will take us 108 years to close the overall gender gap and 202 years to bring parity in the workplace. Closer home in India, just 29 companies listed on the Fortune-India 500 list have women leaders with executive powers. India is known globally for its IT muscle. We also rank second among world’s top 20 countries with the highest number of female tech CEOs, according to UK based RS report. That may sound impressive . But even with 1,500 women CEOs heading tech companies in India, they just head a dismal 5 %, companies considering there are roughly 30,000-odd, tech firms in our country. There are approximately 432 million working-age women in India, of which 343 million are not paid for formal work. The women labour force participation rate is among the lowest in the world at 25%. Jordan, Iraq and Iran are the countries behind us. So even if women here got voting rights before the United States of America. What is holding our women back?






Episode 2: Hashtag Bulletin 1: Women waistlines, Kitchen fire myths & data sonification

Episode Description


Hashtag Bulletin 1: Women waistlines, Kitchen fire myths & data sonification A new study explores how Improvements in Economic Conditions of Indian women has Led to Decline in under-nutrition but it has also led to Increase in Overweight among Adolescents and Women. Lancet journal recently claimed that Fire-related deaths among women in India are highly underestimated. Now Hear Her Fears: triple IT Delhi researcher has used sounds or sonification to represent data to sensitize policymakers on the issue of rising Crime against women in India.


From the Hashtag-Tribe Studios I am Shyno, with your Hashtag Women research summary for Thursday, November 5th, 2020.