Angy Tsafos’s globetrotting boy 'Sebbie' goes to India


Few know that Angy Tsafos is a bank consultant turned mindset life coach and now a published children’s book author, combining her love of traveling and writing into a book series aimed at promoting acceptance of diversity among children. Her first book in the series is called ‘Global Sebbie Goes to India’, Sebbie being her young nephew Sebastian.



Angy’s beautifully illustrated book from Olympia Publishers is both educational and fun to read. The book introduces children to the diversity--race, cultures-- around them through her book. In ‘Global Sebbie Goes To India', Sebbie travels to India where he meets Anita, the protagonist, who introduces him to Indian people and their culture, telling him about the clothes the wear and food. Anita also tells him how her family lives in India.



Angy has been very particular of introducing a girl in her book series because she feels that girls aren’t portrayed much in children’s books. She says that in all her upcoming book , including the one she is currently writing, she has a  girl in each country explaining it's culture to Sebbie. Another reason was her own child Alessia.



Angy chose India because of her past experience. She has attended Indian weddings, participated in ritualistic ceremonies and even had ‘sadya’ (traditional food) served on a banana leaf. She revealed this in a recent interview to  blogtalk radio. Angy loved the warmth of Indian people, and the vibrancy during their festivals as well as the colours.



Angy told blogtalk radio that she has consciously made an effort to introduce children to recognise and accept diversity around them . She said that both her daughter Alessia and her nephew Sebbie are of mixed backgrounds which inspired her to pursue the book series.  Her upcoming books will be on Japan, Greece and Africa, as well as Mauritius, which is Angy’s home island in middle of the Indian Ocean and a melting pot of cultures.



Angy is today serious on pursuing a career in writing. She has worked as a contracted programme director and was in-charge of a team at a leading London-based bank for a nearly a decade. She then decided to venture into the world of coaching and energy healing with the objective to create a business which was built on three core principles – ‘Nurture’, ‘Empower’ and ‘Thrive’ (NET). She formed her own company called ‘The NET Life’.  But a few years after the company’s launch, she decided to write the Sebbie’s traveling series. In the interview to blogtalk radio she revealed that she had nurtured the idea of writing a book series for children for seven years. Being surrounded by different cultures, Angy herself has been curious and interested in meeting different people. This also explains her love for traveling. Her supportive husband, an Australian, helped her to see more of the world. Having a baby was life changing and she started to explore more about her ‘self’ which finally helped her reconnect with the creative side – writing, cooking and painting.



How difficult was it to get a publisher for the Sebbie series? “It took a lot of effort,” she told blogtalk radio. It was after several months were spent getting feedback from professional writers, friends and family members that she finally revised the book and convinced a publisher. Angy has even designed a special interactive website for families to come on board solve puzzles, try out food recipes. She will add more to the website in the coming days.